Rebecca Kirkbride

Rebecca Kirkbride

About Rebecca Kirkbride

Rebecca Kirkbride is a BACP senior accredited counsellor of adults, children and young people and a clinical supervisor.

She is the author of Counselling Young People: A Practitioner Manual (Sage/BACP 2018) based on the BACP (2014) competences framework for work with young people (11-18 years), essential reading for the new BACP training curriculum for work with young people. She is also author of Counselling Children and Young People in Private Practice: A Practical Guide (Karnac Books, 2015) and a regular contributor to the BACP CYP journal.

Rebecca trained originally in psychotherapeutic counselling at the University of Sussex. After completing this training in 2002 she went on to work for many years with children and young people in a variety of settings including primary and secondary schools as well as in community settings and private practice. During this time Rebecca managed counselling services in several local schools providing counselling to students as well as support and supervision to staff.

As well as writing and continuing to develop training workshops, Rebecca currently works in private practice in Brighton, seeing adults, children and young people as well as offering clinical supervision to other practitioners working with these groups.