Working with Avoidant Individuals

Course Title: The Inner World of Avoidant Individuals: Masters in the Art of Defence
Linda Cundy
Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes
Cost: £44.99

This training video on Avoidant Attachment with trainer Linda Cundy is in two parts:

Part 1: The Inner World of Avoidant Individuals: Masters in the Art of Defence

Avoidant individuals appear self-sufficient, aloof, and cut off from their emotions. They may be full of anger and lash out at others, or are self-controlled and perfectionist, demanding high standards of themselves and other people. They struggle to make and maintain intimate connections with others, including their therapists. The core difficulty is often shame: they are not acceptable to themselves.

This training video highlights the wide range of defences employed by “dismissing” adults and the anxieties behind the defences. It will also explore the internal dynamic – the person’s relationship with him – or herself – that develops from an avoidant attachment in early life.

Part 2: Masters in the Art of Defence II: In Therapy

Dismissing individuals are wary of therapy. Resistance may be evident through terminating too soon, cancelling appointments, avoiding emotions and persuading the therapist to collude in focusing on cognition and ‘doing’ rather than feeling and being. Or they may simply be “no trouble at all” – undemanding and easily overlooked.

From the perspective of contemporary attachment theory, this talk will focus on assessment, presentation in therapy, and potential pitfalls. It will propose specific aims and areas of focus in our work with clients who can be difficult to engage, to warm to or to hold onto.


  • Learn to work with avoidant individuals, who can be exceptionally challenging to reach and make a connection with.

  • Understand how avoidant and dismissive individuals react within therapy, and how to overcome potential pitfalls.

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The Trainer

Linda Cundy is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist. She trained at the Bowlby Centre, London and has a private practice in North London.

She has run courses on attachment at the Wimbledon Guild since 2000. These have now been formalised into a Post Graduate Diploma in Attachment-Based Therapy, and Linda is the course director and lead tutor. She has also taught for two decades on psychotherapy and counselling courses.

Find out more about Linda Cundy on her profile.